The Bodywork Café

Include a spa service in your hotel stay! The Bodywork Café is the best way to enjoy a luxurious spa experience. Personalized, private treatments promote relaxation, pain reduction, fitness and ultimate well being in your life.

Luxury linens, exquisite lotions and cremes, select listening, and complimentary tea are included in all services.

We will Create Your Escape Right Before Your Eyes

Imagine the perfect tranquility you would enjoy as your surroundings are slowly turned into a spa retreat. No hassles. No driving. No stress. Just the aroma of lavender, tension melting treatments and comfort of knowing you may stay relaxed as long as you’d like!

Call us today at 603-941-0429 to schedule an appointment in our newly designed spa located in the health club just above the pool area, or if you prefer, experience your treatment in the privacy of your guest room!