Priority Check-In

Our Priority Check-In options at The Margate have been designed to accommodate the needs of those guests who absolutely require a check-in earlier than 4pm. While we still accept standard and “day of” requests for free early check-in, those are requests only, and cannot be guaranteed the same way as Priority Check-Ins. We can typically accommodate one or two dozen Priority Check-Ins per day.

Why Priority Check-In?

Many guests, especially on busy weekends in peak season, require an early check-in primarily to prepare for weddings or other special events, but also for a variety of other reasons. On any given weekend, The Margate may host several wedding groups, meaning that countless guests will most likely request an early check-in. We simply cannot accommodate every request.

By purchasing a Priority Check-In, a guest is purchasing peace of mind knowing that their need for an early check-in will be guaranteed by a certain time, and not simply a request, or luck of the draw.

Also if the room is not available by the selected Priority Check-In time, the guest will be refunded the priority check-in fee and receive the first night of the reservation for free!

When and why did The Margate start offering Priority Check-Ins?

As The Margate grew busier and busier, we began to notice an increasing percentage of guests who would request an early check in, and then fail to show up early. As it became harder and harder to accommodate the growing number of early check in requests, we realized that we were putting effort into cleaning rooms for guests supposedly arriving early, only to have those guests arrive well past 4pm. Over time, more and more guests would request an early check in, and then end up arriving AFTER 4pm. We had rooms ready for those who didn’t need it, and rooms not ready for those who did! Therefore it became almost impossible to determine who really intended to show up early, and to focus our housekeeping staff on those rooms. Our Priority Check-In system has solved this problem by creating order, and minimizing disappointment.

Why can’t The Margate just allow everyone to check in early?

The Margate takes great pride in the quality and comfort of our guest rooms. During peak periods, The Margate operates at over 95% occupancy and our housekeepers are required to clean almost every hotel room, every day, after the 11am check-out time (Often 12pm for those guests checking out late). Our housekeepers need time to properly clean our rooms for you, our next guests. We have found that a 4pm check in time, allows just enough time for our housekeepers and inspectors to adequately clean and inspect our rooms, and to ensure every room will be completed by 4pm.

I showed up late, why do I still have to pay for a Priority Check-In?!?

By purchasing a Priority Check-In, your assigned guest room was given priority by our housekeeping staff to be cleaned before all other rooms, and it was ready by your selected Priority Check-In time. As explained above, the goal of the Priority Check-In system is to maintain order when it comes to having rooms ready early for those who really need it. By ordering a Priority Check-In and then showing up late, it would defeat the purpose of this system, as everyone could order an Priority Check-In, show up late, and then demand a refund. In this case, services were rendered, but the guest abandoned its use. The Priority Check-In fee is non-refundable per our cancellation policy.

I am here early, why can’t I purchase a Priority Check-In right now??

It really isn’t about the money, and on the “day of”, your room cannot be completed any faster by paying extra. In the event your room is not ready early upon your arrival, and you have not purchased a Priority Check-In, our front desk staff will immediately notify our housekeeping department that you are on property and waiting for your room to be cleaned. The Priority rooms will always be cleaned first, but if we know you have arrived to the property, our housekeeping department knows to focus on your room next. Although there may be other guests also waiting at the same time, and others who may have arrived ahead of you. It could take anywhere from a half hour to several hours before your room is ready, but all of our rooms are guaranteed to be completed by 4pm. The bottom line, is that if you arrive early, we will do our best to get you checked in early, for no additional cost, but please be prepared to wait.

Someone else got to check in early for free. Why was I charged for a Priority Check-In?

The Margate is in the hospitality business, and our goal is to accommodate everyone’s needs and wishes, as best we can, and whenever possible. Many times, guests will arrive early, and are permitted to check in early because their room was ready. The room may have been a different type than the Priority customer’s, on a different floor, in a different building, or may not have been rented the night before, and therefore was already cleaned by our housekeepers. It would be unreasonable and inhospitable to make guests wait for their room if it is already clean. Although many guests are permitted to check-in early without any additional fees, there are just as many who will be required to wait until their room is cleaned and ready, up until 4pm, before being allowed to check in. Without a Priority Check-In, it is simply luck of the draw.

My group is spending lots of money at The Margate, why can’t we have free Priority Check-ins?

The Margate is fortunate to host several weddings and groups on any given weekend. And while we appreciate the money spent at our property and on our services, by allowing blanket Priority Check-Ins for one entire group, it would be unfair to the other weddings and groups, who are also spending a lot of money. And as explained above, we cannot accommodate more than one or two dozen Priority Check-Ins per day, for those who truly need it.

Why does The Margate start weddings at 2pm or 3pm if check in time is at 4pm?!

Our brides and grooms choose The Margate for its lakeside setting and reputation as a superior quality wedding venue. In order to keep our wedding rates reasonable and affordable, The Margate may host as many as three wedding ceremonies and receptions on any weekend day. All wedding ceremonies take place in our spectacular Lakeside Pavilion, and ceremonies typically occur at 2pm, 3:30pm, and 5pm, in order to provide ample time for each wedding to enjoy their reception afterwards. The brides and grooms pick their ceremony time, and acknowledge during the booking process that check in time is at 4pm. On most weekends The Margate has a 2-night minimum for overnight rooms, therefore for wedding guests staying overnight, we recommend reserving the room for the night before and the night of the wedding, to satisfy the 2-night minimum. This eliminates any need for an early check in. If reserving for the night of and the night after the wedding day, we recommend purchasing a Priority Check-In.

Why does The Margate charge a fee for Priority Check-In?

As explained above, the volume of guests demanding early check-ins has far outweighed our practical ability to accommodate everyone. The fee is not intended to be a penalty but is meant to be a qualifier to identify those who truly need an early check-in.

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