Early Arrival Request

The Margate Resort is proud to serve many guests traveling to the Lakes Region for a variety of events, special occasions & activities, especially events held right here at the resort. Due to the massive increase of early check-in requests we have received, we no longer accept early check-in requests over the phone. We offer two types of early check-in options. Please select the option that best suits your needs.

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Option 1 – Priority/Premium Early Arrival

For those guests who absolutely require an early check-in, or do not want to take a chance on waiting, we provide this option for a small fee to guarantee your room is ready upon your arrival, no matter what day of the week. Limited spots are available per day for this option.

Option 2 – Standard Early Arrival Request

Similar to most other hotels throughout the world, simply sign up for free, and you will be placed on the list for possible early arrival. When you arrive at the hotel, if your room is not yet ready, we will do our best to get you into your reserved room type as fast as possible, according to our waiting list of other guests who may have arrived before you.  Due to high volume during peak season weekends, the Standard Early Arrival Request is not recommended, and is unlikely be to fulfilled.  When using this option, always be prepared to wait until the normal hotel check-in process that begins at 4pm.

For a full explanation of why we provide this Priority option, please read our

Early Arrival FAQ – CLICK HERE